Single-Hung Open
Single-hung open up instead of out. The advantage is that this style does not take up exterior space when they're open. It's the perfect choice for areas like adjoining walkways or porches. Anywhere you have high-traffic, the single-hung windows are designed just for you. Includes the exclusive lock — built to exceed every industry standard for forced entry. The high-quality block and tackle balance spring system allows for simple, seamless operation. Single-hung windows differ from double-hung windows due to the fact that the upper sash is fixed and the lower sash is moveable.

Horizontal Slider
The horizontal slider windows are available in two great styles: single-vent or double-vent. Horizontal sliders are truly easy to use and are offered in a super variety of architectural styles including: Prairie, Tudor, French, Ranch and Contemporary. A perfect choice often used for ventilation purposes.
Double-vent windows are similar to single-vent windows but have two sash that operate on either side of a fixed window. Ask our consulation team to show you the different configurations to "fill the sill" and meet your every need. Like our other window styles, horizontal slider windows include the added security of the exlusive lock — for your insured protection from intruders. As soon as you open one these well-made windows, you'll really appreciate how the tandem nylon rollers allow for effortless opening and closing operations.

Fixed Windows
Fixed windows can be custom made to nearly any size imaginable — up to 50 square feet. They are a great choice large bay windows or as part of a special groupings. These windows provide the energy savings you'll enjoy along with a wonderful, unobstructed views. Fixed windows are not designed to be opened, however make the perfect compliment to a room that requires large patio sliders.